What is the definition of a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses have a coil support base and a thick latex, memory foam, or polyfoam comfort layer. The coil core can resemble an innerspring, but perhaps the most popular and common variants currently feature pocketed coils. These fabric-wrapped coils may compress individually for enhanced support, longevity, and motion transmission.

Hybrid mattresses, designed to combine the best features of innerspring and foam beds, generally perform well in critical areas such as support, temperature control, and relaxing the muscles. Individual mattresses, however, can behave quite differently because of the wide variety of hybrid designs. The majority of people will discover a hybrid mattress that meets their needs. However, not all hybrids are suitable.

As you prepare to look for your perfect hybrid mattress, some last points to consider and bits of knowledge will help you make an informed and empowered decision. But, of course, you’ll discover them in hybrid mattress reviews as well!

Coil Count

Coil count measures the overall number of springs in a mattress. For most consumers, this piece of data, when examined in isolation, can be more deceptive than helpful because the number of turns does not indicate the type, density, or grade of the coils. Do not presume that a greater coil count equates to a better innerspring support core.

Coil Gauge

The gauge refers to the coils’ thickness. A bigger gauge means a narrower coil, which is counterintuitive. Coils ranging in gauge from 13 (thicker) – 18 (thinner) are used in most innerspring cores (thinner). Lower gauge coils have a firmer, more consistent feel and are more durable over time.

Coils in the support center may not all be the same gauge. Lower gauge coils, for example, might be employed around the border for edge support or in a zoned configuration to enhance the bed under specific body regions.


When some materials, particularly foams, are first installed in your home, they might emit a strong odor. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) produced during foam creation are the source of the odor. These VOCs aren’t harmful to your health, but they can be annoying.

With lower-quality foams, off-gassing is more noticeable. Hybrid mattresses tend to off-gas more than all-foam mattresses.

Even though the odor is strong, it should dissipate in a few hours if the bedroom is sufficiently ventilated. It shouldn’t take more than just a few days in the worst-case scenario.


Hybrid mattresses feature a more extensive profile or length than the other mattresses due to considerable comfort sheets and support cores. The height of a mattress has no bearing on its comfort, but higher mattresses have more area for layers, which means they have more significant potential for enhanced support and conforming.

When buying higher-profile mattresses, individuals should keep in mind that mattresses with a twelve-inch profile or more typically involve deep-pocketed covers, as regular sheets can fall off. Those who have trouble getting in and out of bed may also favor a taller mattress, but many individuals utilize bed frames of various heights.